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Chicken mesh, also known as poultry netting or chicken wire, is a versatile and widely used material in agriculture, farming, and even home improvement projects. It plays a crucial role in providing protection, confinement, and organization in various applications, particularly in poultry and small animal husbandry. Here's an overview of chicken mesh:

Material: Chicken mesh is typically made from galvanized steel wire, which is coated with a layer of zinc to enhance corrosion resistance and durability. The galvanized coating protects the mesh from rust and ensures its longevity in outdoor and agricultural environments.

Common Features:

  • Hexagonal Mesh: Chicken mesh is characterized by its hexagonal pattern, with six-sided openings. This pattern provides both strength and flexibility.

  • Variety of Gauges: Chicken mesh is available in different wire thicknesses or gauges, with lighter gauges suitable for smaller animals like chickens and rabbits and heavier gauges for larger animals or more robust fencing needs.


  • Poultry Fencing: Chicken mesh is extensively used in poultry farms to create enclosures for chickens, ducks, and other poultry. It serves as a protective barrier to keep birds safe from predators while allowing them to roam freely.

  • Garden Protection: In gardening, chicken mesh is used to keep pests, such as rabbits, rodents, and birds, from damaging crops. It also acts as a trellis for climbing plants like peas and beans.

  • Home Improvement: Chicken mesh is employed for a range of DIY projects, such as creating compost bins, crafting decorative garden structures, and reinforcing plaster or stucco on walls.

  • Erosion Control: It can be used to stabilize soil and prevent erosion in landscaping and construction projects, particularly in hilly or sloped areas.

  • Temporary Barriers: Chicken mesh is useful for creating temporary barriers or fencing for events, construction sites, or to prevent access to specific areas.

Advantages of Chicken Mesh:

  • Affordability: Chicken mesh is cost-effective and readily available, making it an economical choice for various applications.

  • Durability: The galvanized steel construction ensures the mesh's durability, resistance to rust, and longevity.

  • Versatility: Chicken mesh can be easily cut, shaped, and customized to fit various sizes and purposes.

  • Protection: It offers effective protection against predators, pests, and unauthorized access while maintaining airflow and visibility.

  • Lightweight: Chicken mesh is lightweight and easy to handle, making installation straightforward.

  • Low Maintenance: It requires minimal maintenance, typically involving periodic cleaning and inspection for any damage or wear.

In summary, chicken mesh is a practical and adaptable material that serves multiple purposes in agriculture, gardening, construction, and home improvement projects. Its affordability, durability, and flexibility make it a valuable asset in creating safe and protected environments for poultry, gardens, and various other applications.

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